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Best way to burn huge TiVo video to DVD disc

“I have used my TiVo device to recorded many videos, about 20GB, now I want to burn TiVo to DVD disc for backup, but it seems DVD disc can’t supports so huge file, can you help me? What program should I use to burn my huge TiVo video to DVD?”


Recently a TiVo user turns to us for help on his TiVo video. You may have the same application request, it’s great for people to backup TiVo shows on a DVD disc. But, when you want to burn TiVo to DVD, you may encounter many problems, such as the TiVo protection-TiVo media access key, with common burn software you will not burn TiVo to DVD as the content is protected, and common burner can’t control you video file volume, so you may not put all huge TiVo shows on DVD entirely.


What is the best way to burn huge TiVo video to DVD disc?


All you need is a TiVo to DVD converter, Pavtube DVD Creator is the one that can reach your requirement, it’s a free software which can help you to burn TiVo to DVD ISO/Disc for backup or playback, you can follow the steps below to engrave TiVo to DVD easily.


1.Free download Pavtube DVD creator, install and run this free TiVo to DVD converter, import the TiVo files to the software.



2.Click the import button to load your TiVo videos, and then click options button to input your TiVo Media Access Key. You can click Add title button to add more titles.



3.Switch to Menu pane. Double-click a DVD menu beneath the Menu Template to apply it to your DVD. You can customize the background video/image, background music, text, title thumbnail and more for your DVD menu. You can also choose the DVD quality at the bottom of the software, higher quality requires bigger DVD disc volume. You can also right click the title and select “edit”, trim the TiVo video to different part, and then you can burn them to DVD for several times.



4.Click the burn button to start burning TiVo to DVD. You can choose to Burn TiVo to DVD disc, save TiVo as ISO file, or Generate TiVo to DVD Folder.



Now you may have got the main point to burn TiVo to DVD disc/ISO, you can also refer to DVD Creator quick start guide and DVD Creator online help page to know more details.

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