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DVD Creator
Price: $17.5$35

  • Produce DVD disc, DVD ISO and DVD folder
  • Create both Video DVD and Slide Show DVD
  • Custom DVD menus and titles to what you like
  • Preview movie like on a real DVD player
  • Convert and write DVD faster than ever
  • Burn DVD-Video/ISO image to DVD
Version: 1.0.0
Supported OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Size: 62.1MB
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    Convert Blu-ray and DVD movies to whatever format you want. Create playable DVDs from AVI, MKV, MXF, MOV, MTS, TiVo, etc.
  • ByteCopy + DVD Creator$77$60

    Convert your Blu-ray movies, DVDs with multi-channel audio/subs preserved. Create playable DVDs from various video files.


DVD Creator lets you burn any kind of video sources to playable DVD. With its simple wizard-style user interface and powerful editing features, DVD authoring and burning can't be easier. Almost any kind of fair videos (MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MTS, TiVo, etc) can be imported and converted to DVD video. Photos can be made into slide show DVD simply with a few clicks. In addition, the Quick Burn feature enables users to burn archived ISO image and DVD-Video structure instantly.

Menu custom feature makes the DVD your own and give it the look you want - DVD menu template/style, menu text, display aspect ratio and background for the DVD menu. You can also set chapter mark and playback mode.

Video Editor
Edit your source material by trimming, cropping, adding watermark, setting effect, adjusting volume, and replacing audio.

Slide Show Editor
Make photos into Slideshow DVD with your favorite song as the background music and various fade in/fade out transition effects to use.

DVD-Video Previewing
With menu navigation and chapter switching over, you can play created DVD video in the Preview window just like on a DVD player.

Menu Customizing
This includes changing the DVD menu template/style, menu text, display aspect ratio and background for the DVD menu. You can also set chapter mark, and playback mode.

Advanced settings
Create DVD based on disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9), TV system (NTSC or PAL), display ratio (16:9 or 4:3), video quality, etc.

Quick Burning
Burn playable DVD from DVD folder and ISO image within a few clicks.

  • CPU: Intel processor, 1GHz or above
  • Memory: 512MB or above
  • OS: Windows 2000/ Windows 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
  • Display Resolution: 1024*768 or above
  • Optical Drive: DVD writer
  • Input

    Video Formats

    *.avi,*.divx, *.wmv, *.wma, *.asf, *.dvr-ms, *.wav, dts in wav, *.rm, *.tivo, *.rmvb, *.ra, *.mov, *.qt, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.3g2, *.dv, *.m4b, *.m4v, *.m4a, *.aac, *.flv, *.f4v, *.dat, *.mpg, *.vob, *.mod,*.m2v, *.tod (JVC), *.m2t, *.m2ts (Blu-ray), *.ts, *.tp, *.evo, *.mkv, *.dv

    Audio formats

    *.au, *.mp3, *.mp2, *.flac, *.ape, *.ogg, *.8svx, *.aiff,*.aif, *.caf, *.dts, *.smv, *.tta, *.voc

    Image formats

    *.jpg, *.ico, *.bmp, *.png, *.gif, *.tiff

    DVD-Video DVD ISO image, DVD file structure(directory)


    DVD disc

    DVD ISO image file

    DVD-Video with file structure (DVD Folder)  

    If I was going to give it a rating I would give it 9/10

    Pavtube DVD Creator.

    I usually use big memory hard-drive programs like Nero for my creating DVD needs.

    But thanks to “Giveawayoftheday” I had a chance to try this programme.

    So I installed it, it’s not a big programme only 80mb.

    So I loaded it up, and the 1st impression I got was how “user friendly” it is, you have an interface of:





    And title

    You click in the Import button, find the media you want to burn and within seconds the media is loaded into the programme.

    Then you have the Menu screen which is my favourite, put any picture you like on the front screen of the DVD, add 30seconds of music, add text if you want, and create chapters. It’s so easy to use and the results are as good if not better than the more expensive products of the industry.

    You then go to the preview screen, where you can check on your creation and see the picture, hear the music and check the chapters.

    Then if happy you are ready to burn, but you can also change the quality of the DVD you are about to burn from:

    Low Quality, Normal Quality, High Quality, and best of all “Customize” which allows you a lot of freedom to decide how good you want the quality to be to the ratio of the space on the DVD disc. Very impressive.

    Now I found that other programs if you burn a DVD it slows up the PC a lot, but Pavtube does not, burns quick, and without fuss, very impressive.

    I really liked the programme how easy it was to use, but 2 days later my PC decided to crash and I had to reformat losing the programme. So I decided just after using it once that I would buy the programme, and am very happy I did have now used it 4 times and its great value for money and an excellent little programme which is not memory hungry.

    So if I was going to give it a rating I would give it 9/10 “I mean perfection does not exist” does it Jan. 10, 2013

    Q: How to update Pavtube Software?

    A: Please click here to see the detailed steps.

    Q: I have ever purchased your Windows software and now I changed my PC to Mac.
    Can I install this software onto my Mac? Or can you send me a Mac version?

    A: All of our softwares are platform-independent ones but not cross-platform. So a Windows software cannot be installed onto a Mac computer and vice versa. If you need a Mac version, please kindly contact with Pavtube support team at Or if you need a Windows version, please kindly contact with Pavtube support team at Discount will be available for a second purchase.

    Q: What are the differences between the trial version and the retail version?

    A: A trail version converts videos with watermark (the logo of Pavtube) on the screen and asks if you would like to purchase at each run while a retail version allows you to use freely without putting on watermark. As a customer of Pavtube, you will be reminded to update the software whenever a new version is released. The update is free of charge for lifetime. Besides, your emails will be attended at the first time, your advice and requirements will be much valued when we upgrade the software.

    Q: What kinds of blank DVD should I use for burning?

    A: DVD Creator is compatible with DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. Both single layer DVD-5 and dual-layer DVD-9 can be used as target disc.

    Q: Can I add slide show to video DVD?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How do I import TiVo recordings to DVD Creator for authoring?

    A: Use TiVo Desktop to transfer your TiVo recordings to PC, and then you can import .tivo files to DVD Creator. TiVo Media Access Key is required to license the use of .tivo recordings (learn more).

    • 1.0.0

      Aug 30, 2012

      - Retail Version new release.

      - Includes 7 new menu templates.

      - Some bugfixes.

    • 1.0.0

      Aug 14, 2012

      - Fixed improper burning and playback issue with DVD-9 discs.

      - Fixed improper display of DVDs in 16:9 aspect ratios. 

      - Refined the preview media player.

      - Fixed some bugs with DVD menus.

    • 1.0.0

      Jul 26, 2012

      - New release.

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