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How to clip and convert Sony HDR-XR160E MTS into MP4 and limit the size of output file

“My videos are mostly from camcorder. I have a Sony HDR-XR160E that shoots in .mts. I’m using Pavtube to convert .mts to .mp4 for sharing with family and friends. It works fine. But I would like to have an option to limit the size of output file and the rest to be automatically set with some ability to chose what is more important (Size (pix), bitrate). Sometimes I want to use settings as original for output file while sometimes I need to compress the big .MTS files to smaller MP4. How do I do with the Media Magician?”

The Pavtube Media Magician is a good MTS cutter, AVCHD splitter and Video encoder and compressor. If you have an AVCHD HD camcorder and lossless conversion is just what you are looking for, then Pavtube Media Magician, a frame accurate MTS editor might be the appropriate choice for you. Frame accurate seeking is possible in Media Magician for Mac, so users can process frame accurate splitting/cutting on MTS clips without recoding and create files in original format with flawless quality.


How to clip Sony HDR-XR160E MTS into MP4 and limit the size of output file

1. Import Sony HDR-XR160E MTS videos to Media Magician. You can either connect your camera with your computer and have Pavtube Media Magician import .mts videos from DV, or choose to “Import Media Files” or “Import Media Folder” to browse and load source files from the path that contains the source files.

2. Drag and drop AVCHD MTS files onto Timeline

After source MTS clips are imported into the program, you can directly drag and drop the clips that you want to do frame accurate splitting onto timeline.

3. Split/Cut/Trim MTS video Frame by Frame

In this section, you can preview, trim, cut, delete, rearrange order, and merge MTS clips. The control buttons on timeline help you locate frames accurately so that you can cut, trim, delete, and merge video clips in a much easier way. Press the scissor icon to split video by the specific frame you select. To delete a clip from timeline, just select it and press “Delete” key. By cutting out junk frames, you can save storage for only the desired clips.

(Frame by Frame cutting/splitting/trimming MTS videos with Media Magician)

4. Choose “Output” in the main interface to set output format.

Media Magician comes up with massive output formats (AVI, WMV, MKV, MPG, H.264, TS, MOV, MP4, etc). In order to convert Sony HDR-XR160E .mts video to .mp4, just follow “Common Format” and choose “MPEG-4”.

To limit the size of output file, you can set video bitrate down to desired value. Basically, the smaller bitrate you set, the smaller output file size it would be. But keep in mind there is noticeable quality degradation when you set any bitrate lower than 1500kbps.

5. Now click “Plus” icon to add conversion task. Click the triangle on the task to get the app start trimming and converting Sony HDR-XR160E .MTS recordings to MP4 with preferred file size.

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