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AirPlay: iPad and Apple TV 2 updates make a magic combination

iPad/iPad 2- HD movies anywhere you go


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The Apple iPad is an unprecedented device. This roughly 8x10-inch tablet computer melds your laptop, smartphone, gaming console, and iPod into a single, affordable, unfortunately named thing. This is a best companion for movie lovers and for those who travels a lot, reading e-books, surfing on the Internet via Wi-Fi, listening to music and watching movies as you like. Both iPad

1st gen and iPad 2 plays videos up to 720p HD quality. There’s nothing better than putting movie collections to iPad--- just enjoy HD movies anywhere you go. You may compare iPad 1st gen and iPad 2 and find a better fit for yourself.


Apple TV 2- A networked home media sharing device


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The Apple TV 2 ($100) is about a quarter of the size of the original Apple TV, and features an 8GB solid-state drive instead of a moving-platter hard drive. The tiny set-top box permits you to stream local media, Netflix, and iTunes rentals. Pushing iTunes content to the Apple TV feels fundamentally different than pulling from iTunes, mostly because it's so much easier to control and switch when sitting in front of the full library.


A Combination of iPad and Apple TV 2- movies whenever and wherever

Apple iOS 4.3 debuted days before the release of iPad 2, bringing with it a number of relatively small but welcome changes. The update of AirPlay now lets you stream media from an iPad to Apple TV 2, Safari boasts speed improvements, there are new ways to use the orientation lock, and Home Sharing makes the leap to the tablet. What is AirPlay? Find a super easy guide below if you have no idea:


1. Connect Apple TV with HDTV, and setup the Airplay enabled Apple TV for watching HD movies on HDTV thru Airplay. Note: to stream iPad video Apple TV using AirPlay tech, iPad and the AirPlay device Apple TV 2 must be connected to the same wireless network.

2. Play videos from iPad 2 movie library, and press the “Airplay” button at the end of control bar of iPad 2. When AirPlay screen pops up, press “Apple TV”. And that’s all.


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Audio playback on Apple TV from the iPad worked just as smoothly as it did from iTunes; started playing a track, sent it to the Apple TV, there is no step three.


With the AirPlay tech of Apple iOS 4.3, you can stream any content that from your iPad to Apple TV over your home network. The magic combination makes it easy to enjoy HD movies on the road and at home, whenever you like and wherever you go. Also find how to have Blu-ray movies on iPad 2 and play iPad 2 videos with Apple TV 2 via Airplay.

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