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How to Play Amazon Movie on the New iPad 3?


There are numbers of videos or music songs sold on Amazon store. Have you ever bought videos from Amazon store? If you have, you must have found that the purchased videos are protected by DRM protection which stops you from copying or transferring them to other media players for playing. Sometimes you have purchased a dozen of videos in WMV format from Amazon store, how can you play Amazon movie on the new iPad 3 with the DRM protection?


How to download Amazon WMV videos to iPad 3? First visit your video library on your PC and sign into your account if prompted. Click the video you want to watch and download the video to your PC hard drive. The downloaded Amazon video is in WMV format with DRM protection. And what’s more, the WMV format is not supported by the new iPad. So, you need remove the DRM protection off the Amazon WMV video and convert Amazon WMV video to the new iPad 3 for playback.


The tools you need to transfer Amazon WMV movies to iPad 3: A powerful Amazon WMV video DRM remove tool and a WMV to iPad 3 converter. Pavtube ChewTune combines these two tools together and makes it possible to watch purchased DRM videos on iPad 3.


Guide: Remove DRM protection off Amazon video and convert WMV to the iPad 3 for playing.


Step 1: Load WMV video files to Pavtube ChwTune.

Install and launch the Pavtube WMV to iPad 3 converter, then click the add button to load the WMV video files to the program.



Step 2: Choose H.264 codec format for the new iPad playing.

Click the format bar and then choose iPad >> iPad HD Video (*.mp4). This is recommended profile, and in fact, you can also choose other profiles as you like.



Step 3: Optimize the settings for Amazon video to iPad 3 conversion.

The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the settings button to change the settings by yourself. The recommended settings are listed below.



Step 4: Convert Amazon video to iPad 3 video format.

Having finished the settings? OK, just click the convert button and start to convert Amazon video to iPad format with ease. Pavtube DRM WMV to the new iPad 3 converter takes advantage of the NVIDIA’s CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technology with which the conversion can be 5 times faster. (NOTE: To use CUDA/AMD GPU computing feature, a CUDA-compatible NVIDIA/ATI graphics card must be installed. And the acceleration works only when creating H.264 encoded video files.)


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