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10 Must Have Apps for New iPhone 5

iPhone 5's release draw near and iPhone loyals are marking the days on their calendar. What is an iPhone without the best and most exciting apps? Every week, new apps are out in the market. However, there are apps just for fun and there are apps that should be in your new iPhone 5.


1. Band of the Day
For audiophiles and music freaks who always want to hear of something new, you may want to try this new app. The app delivers a new artist or band every single day through expert curation and engaging reviews, as well as full streams of the artist's top songs, videos, photographs and more. A new band in your pocket, everyday. Listen, Discover, Share.



2. Manilla
Check and keep track of your monthly bills with Manilla. You can now manage all your bills online with this app. Manilla will send you a text message or email to tell you when it’s time to pay your bills. With Manilla as your bill reminder, you’ll never miss a due date or pay a late fee again.




3. Schedulicity

Schedulicity is an online service that allows individuals to manage their schedules. With this app, you can edit client accounts, receive reminders of your appointments and organize your calendar. This caters to busy businesspersons obsessed with their schedules.


4. RunKeeper
Being fit and healthy is one of the popular craze today. For fitness freaks out there, you do not need a special device to keep track of your exercise routines, especially when you go jogging. RunKeeper app records all the calories you burn and your jogging routes. If you are doing the treadmill, this app can also be useful.



5. Kindle
The Kindle app by Amazon is nothing new to iPhone users. For bookworms, this is probably the best ebook reader app you must have. It allows you to synchronize all of your ebooks between devices. Thus, you will always have access to your ebooks as long as you have a device.




6. Instagram
Influenced by the rise of various social media and sharing of photos with friends, Instagram is one of the apps to join the bandwagon. Take pictures and edit them by putting effects and instantly share them to various social networking sites. Just like Flickr, Instagram is a photo sharing social networking site where you can invite friends who might share your own vision.



7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is meant for social networking freaks. A user can have a platform that allows the user to check various social media such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all at once. Hootsuite features organize tabbed layout, Wordpress, Multi-Stream Integration and Statistics.



8. CoPilot Live Premium HD

CoPilot is the cheaper version of the Sat Nav app. Its latest version features a whole new interface and will give you alternative routes wherever you will go. Moreover, it will feature an integrated Bing search engine made for looking up local businesses. If you are a person who is always up for an adventure on the road, you need to download this app.



9. Comics
In all honesty, Comics is a little awkward compared to using it on an iPad, but you won't find a better comics experience on an iPhone. The app is free, as are dozens of downloadable comics - and once you run out of those, many more are available to buy. Reading works on a frame-by-frame automated 'zoom' basis, and is surprisingly usable.



10. Dropbox
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos(view videos with iPhone 5)anywhere. Any file you save to your Dropbox is accessible from all your computers, iPhone and even the Dropbox website! This app is beneficial for people who need to carry a lot of files with them. Businesspersons and students who need to constantly check on documents may find this app quite useful.

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