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2017 Best iPhone 7 VR Headsets Review

There's no doubt that virtual reality is one of the biggest trends in 2017 and VR headsets are becoming more and more popular among people. With the development of technology, iPhone have changed significantly over the past months, new minion iPhone 7 comes to people's life. Choose the best iPhone 7 VR headsets to watch movie on iPhone 7 is just a perfect match. It is very simple, you just need to get one VR headset, put your iPhone 7 in it, start a special app and you're ready to explore a VR world. No any external cables. A iPhone 7, a VR headsets, you can enjoy an incredible visual experience and immerse feeling for 3D movies and games.

Don't be happy too early, iPhone 7 is clear you can buy one iPhone 7 with different color from Amazon, about selecting VR headsets, it's hard to say. So many VR headsets on Amazon or other online matket, which one is worth buying? How to choose a good iPhone 7 VR headsets? Following I’ve made a short list with the best iPhone 7 VR headsets in 2017 for you. Hope you can choose your idea iPhone 7 VR headset from here.

2017 Best iPhone 7 VR Headsets Review

TOP 1 iPhone 7 VR Headset Review: Google Cardboard

Price: $9.59

Review: Why is Google Cardboard at the top 1 iPhone 7 VR headsets position? No doubt, the cheap price is its biggest bright spot. This iPhone 7 VR headsets can bring you to the virtual reality with a quick and low-cost. The price is lower than $20. As a VR fan, this VR headset will be too weak. Google Cardboard is made from AAA-grade corrugated paper, you shouldn’t expect it to last long time. If you just want ro experience the VR fictitious world, you can choose this iPhone 7 VR headsets.

Main Features:

1. As featured on several Google I/O events!

2. Complete kit with NFC, Magnets, Lenses, Velcro, and Instruction printed right on the Cardboard

3. Can be assembled and used within minutes of delivery

4. Designed exactly to Google's specifications

5. Made and sold by NFCGuyz - a brand name you can trust

Google Cardboard

TOP 2 iPhone 7 VR Headset Review: iDudu VR

Price: $28.99

Review: iDudu VR is designed for Androind and iOS smartphones, which is a simple iPhone 7 VR headset. This iPhone 7 VR headset can work with a wide range of devices which can have a screen size between 4 and 6.2 inches, such as: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6, etc. With the close design, you can adjust pupil and focal distance at a range of 58mm-68mm for fitting your nose bridge.

Main Features:

1. iDudu Virtual Reality Headset Built-in stretchable Headphone

2. Compatibly Fits for All smartphones series with screen size 4- 6.2 inch

3. Button Adjustment,Two tranches button of interpupillary distance and Focus adjustment, greater precision,more convenient and stable knobs

4. Over sized 42mm lens imports,shocking 3D immersive Experience Adjustable Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD)at a range of 58mm - 68mm,different visual enjoyment

5. Three Adjustable straps for flexible wear,high grade perforated leather material suitable nose bridge and face foam protector,bring you ultra comfortable feeling


TOP 3 iPhone 7 VR Headset Review: Magicoo 3D VR Box

Price: $53.99

Review: Are you looking for a more comfortable iPhone 7 VR headset? Magicoo 3D VR Box can satisfy you. However, it's a little expensive: $53.99. From the loos, this best iPhone 7 VR headsets is fashionable which comes with a head strap, and has face padding for extra comfort. The straps are adjustable, as are the pupil settings. These features can help create a great VR experience. The designers of this iPhone 7 VR headset have used a slide-in smartphone tray to prevent dust from getting into it. This design is is compatible with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, then you can watch the VR movie clearly. which an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is compatible with.

Main Features:

1. Magicoo 3D VR Headset provides FOV105 degrees panoramic view and the screen is magnified 5.2 times than before.

2. Mufti -layer design effectively prevents smarts phone and face from being too heated, as well as prevents the glasses from being fogging.

3. Adjust interpopillary distance by left and right movement and the T-shaped straps.

4. Fits for Apple and Android mobile phones such as: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, etc and other screen size is 4.5 to 6.5 inches smartphones.


Can You Enjoy Movie on Best iPhone 7 VR Headset Smoothly?

Now, you have a perfect iPhone 7, you have the best iPhone 7 VR headset, you also have a movie file, do you think that you can put your iPhone 7 to the iPhone 7 VR headset and experience the movies with 3D effect smoothly now? I'm afraid the condition is not so easy that you want. Why? video formats is various which cause the complicated video compatibility issues. VR headset is set for 3D movies, you can laso see the common 2D movie on it, but you can't experience the 3D effect. Another question is that how you play the 3D Blu-ray movie? As a Blu-ray fan, watch the 3D Blu-ray on iPhone 7 VR headset is so wonderful experience, the best iPhone 7 VR headset can't provide you a Blu-ray drive, how to do that?

Thankfully, you can have a 3D video converter which can help you to solve the video issue on iPhone 7 VR headset. A 3D video converter can convert the common video to 3D video format, also you can load the DVD or Blu-ray movie and change then to iPhone 7 VR headset acceptable 3D video that you are not disturbed with the Blu-ray drive. How to choose a perfect 3D video converter from countless softwares? If you don't want to waste too much time to search the 3D video converter, I highly recommend you Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac which is a professional and easy-to use 3D video converter, you are able to backup, convert and edit 2D common video to 3D video, also you can convert 3D Blu-rays as well as 3D Blu-ray ISO files to Samsung Gear VR supported formats such as: 3D SBS MKV or MP4 and enjoy on at home.

Except the perfect conversion function, multiple 3D output formats, like: 3D MKV, 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D MOV, 3D MP4. you also can set the 3D video modes, this 3D video converter provides you some choices: Side by Side, Anaglyph, Top/Bottom, you can choose anyone you like. Do you want to know more about this 3D video converter, you can read here.

trial buy

How to Use the 3D Video Converter for Watching 3D movie on iPhone 7 VR Headset?

This 3D video converter is easy to install and master, just click the "Trial" button and wait for a while, then you can get a .exe file on your computer, if you are a Mac user, you can get a .dmg file, you don't uncompress this file, just click it and the magic installation will start, 4 clicks, next, next, next again, the a dream 3D video converter icon appear on your computer. Following is as the 3D Blu-ray as the example and tell you how to use the 3D video converter to convert video and play on iPhone 7 VR headset.

Step 1: Load 3D Blu-ray disc to software

Open the 3D video converter, then insert your Blu-ray disc to your computer by an external Blu-ray drive. Add 3D Blu-ray from disc drive into this software by clicking "Load Disc" button. Or you can choose to import Blu-ray ISO image or Blu-ray folder and input them to the 3D video converter. This software can remove all the 3D Blu-ray protection and region code, the load time is just within 1 minute.

load file

Step 2: Output 3D output format.

Next step is fatal, choose the 3D output format. Move to "Format" menu, you can find "3D Video" category, at this list, you have 5 video formats choices: 3D MKV, 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D MOV, 3D MP4, every 3D video format you can choose different 3D modes: Side by Side, Anaglyph, Top/Bottom. For example: Choose "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)" as output format, you can also choose 3D TAB MKV or MP4 format according to your own needs.

choose file

TIP: Click settings to open "3D Profile Settings" window, here you can adjust output 3D video depth, select the specific 3D resolution, 3D video and audio codec, change the 3D video frame, etc. here you can also choose the 3D effect mode: Side by Side (Half - Width) or Side by Side (Full) or change the image display order for 3D SBS movie.

set file

Step 3: Start 3D conversion process.

Go back to the program main interface, hit on the "Convert" button and start to create 3D SBS or TAB MP4/MKV video from 3D Blu-ray disc. When the conversion is done, you can locate the generated 3D SBS MP4 video in output folder to view on iPhone 7 VR headset with seriously immersive 3D effect.

Conclusion: When you choose a best iPhone 7 VR headset, then get a perfect 3D video by the 3D video converter, the input the 3D video to your iPhone, put the smartphone on the best iPhone 7 VR headset, you can enjoy your VR at will. if you want to watch the common video on VR, you can follow above steps to do, just you need to import video instead of 3D Blu-ray, 3 steps, you can finish the complicated task and watch the movie.

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