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4 Ways to Insert FLV to PowerPoint for Presentation

At present, adding video to PPT is becoming more and more popular, a video playback can make the PPT presentation more forceful. Whatever you are an old PPT users or a beginner, we can't igonre the truth: Even the latest PowerPoint 2016, user only can support the limited video to PowerPoint, common PowerPoint supported video formats are ASF, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1. In our life, FLV is a frequenter, we can meet FLV on Youtube, other video sharing websites, however adding FLV to PowerPoint is a little difficult due to the video compatibility. Here, we share 4 ways to add FLV to PowerPoint, you can have a try.

Add a FLV video link to PowerPoint

Add a Shockwave Flash Object

Use add-on tools to embed FLV directly

Convert FLV to PPT video format

Solution 1: Add a FLV video link to PowerPoint

This way is very easy and direct, especially to PowerPoint beginner, at the same time, you also can insert the EXE files to PowerPoint. Following is the simple steps to add FLV to PowerPoint by the video link.

1. Insert any object that can be edited to the PowerPoint, such as: a dialog box, an image or some text, the goal is to add the link to these object.

NOTE: For better presentation, your object should be related to the FLV video. For example: FLV video is about the Transformers 5, you can insert Transformers picture or some text are related to Transformers 5 movies.

2. Then right-click on the object you embed and then from the listed options choose “Hyperlink.”

flv to ppt by hyperlink

3. After clicking “Hyperlink,” you can add or paste the URL of the FLV video that you want to link. (You need make sure the URL is effective)

add flv url

4. You can click on the object with the video links to check the link is right or not, when you click the object, you will transfer to a new browser which is related to your FLV video.

Solution 2: Add a Shockwave Flash Object

When you choose this way, you insert FLV to PowerPoint as a widget, when you take this way, the windows will be decided, you also can set the box size, the box size is the FLV video playback screen size.

1.Open the PowerPoint on your computer. Click on “New Slide” to open a new slide where you want to add FLV.

add a Shockwave Flash Object

2. Go to the top toolbar and then select “Developer.” After clicking the “Developer” > “More Controls.” A small dialog window will appear. From the dialog window find the “Shockwave Flash Object”.

3. Draw a rectangle on the slide for FLV video. You can resize the placeholder by dragging its handles.

4. Make a rectangular box on the opened slide. After drawing the box, right click on it and from the options that will be displayed, choose “Properties”.

Properties setting

5. Go to the item “Movie” and then fill the blank space by entering a FLV file from your computer (e.g., C:\movie.flv) or from a website (e.g., http://www..com/movie.flv). Then close the properties bar after inserting the information. Remember to set EmbedMovie to True

Tip 1: Set the Playing value to True if you want the Flash movie to start playing automatically.

Tip 2: Set the Loop value to True if you want the Flash movie to start over automatically after the playback is finished.

flv Movie setting

6. Close the Properties dialog box. Click on the SlideShow button under the View tab, or press F5 on your keyboard to preview the FLV video on PowerPoint. You also can start the slideshow from the current slide by pressing  Shift+F5.

Solution 3: Use add-on tools to embed FLV to PowerPoint

1. Install some add-on tools, like PowerPoint to Flash Converter PPT2Flash, just open the PowerPoint. From the toolbar, you will see an extra “PPT2Flash”.

2. From the toolbar, click “Insert Flash”. Then, select that FLV file that you want to put into the PowerPoint slide. After that, you can press F5 to preview then FLV video.

flv to ppt by flash tool

Solution 4: Best and simple solution-Convert FLV to PPT video format

To most users, above ways are all little difficult. Just want to add the original FLV video to PowerPoint from your PC, iPhone, etc. If we can add FLV to PowerPoint like adding a common WMV to PowerPoint, that's so convenient. Good news, Pavtube Video Converter can do the job well, which is a professional video converter, you can load the FLV video to it and convert FLV to PowerPoint supported video formats, like: WMV, AVI, ASF, etc. As known to all, there are many main popular video formats are not supported, you also can use this video converter to convert any video to PowerPoint acceptable video, then you can add any video you want to PPT.

free mts video converter mts to ppt converter

1. Open this video converter and click File > Add Video/Audio to add FLV video, you also can drag the video to the left window.

2. Choose PowerPoint supported video formats from output video list by clicking Format button. For example: You can choose WMV video from PowerPoint category.

3. Click Browse to choose the output video save locatrion, then press Convert button to start the FLV to WMV video conversion.

choose flv to ppt video formats

4. After you get the converted FLv video, you can inset the FLV video to PowerPoint directly, just like the following step:

Embed converted FLV to PowerPoint 2007 and higher version: Just drag & drop the videos onto the slide or you can click on "Insert" in the ribbon, then on "Video" to add MP4 to PPT from PC

Embed converted FLV to PowerPoint 2003 and lower version: To add a video, click on Insert, and then Movie in the ribbon and select a movie file from your computer

open flv video on ppt

In a word, 4 way to add FLV to PowerPoint are all ready for you, you can choose any one which you like. Take full use of a FLV video in PowerPoint presentation, you can add your PowerPoint interaction and make your PowerPoint lifeful and charming.

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