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Watch Netflix Movies on iPhone (iPhone SE/6S Included)

There are two methods that you can use to watch Netflix on iPhone. This guide also relates to the most recent models of the iPhone like iPhone SE,iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6. You can choose to either have Netflix which you have downloaded or recorded transferred to your iPhone or just directly watch Netflix on iPhone. I would briefly explain both methods below.

Part 1. Watch recorded or downloaded movies on iPhone SE/6S/6

It's great that you can use Netflix instant streaming to watch movies and tv episodes online(details on Part 2), but been wondering if it would be possible to also streaming Netflix movies or tv shows to your iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, etc offline?

There are no services for video downloads on Netflix. If you have made use of a third - party video downloader / recorder to download / record some Netflix films, the next 3 suggestions should be take into your consideration.

Make sure that any DRM protections on downloaded Netflix films are removed thought video downloader.

If the video format that was used by the downloader / recorder to save the movies is not iPhone SE/6S/6 compatible then it must be converted.

In order to watch Netflix on iPhone SE/6S/6 with a great view make sure that downloaded / recorded Netflix films comfortable with the bit rate, out format, and resolution.

For ensure the downloaded / recorded Netflix films compatibility with your iPhone SE/6S/6, Pavtube Video Converter would assist you in converting, adjusting bit rate and resolution.

This app uses a conversion speed that is extremely fast to get downloaded / recorded Netflix films in *.mp4, *.mov, *.m4v formats converted easily and quickly on iPhone SE/6S/6. And the process is quite easy. You simply run the app. You then drag and drop the movie that you downloaded from Netflix. After selecting the iPhone's preset(with bit rate and resolution), you commence the conversion from Netflix to iPhone SE/6S/6.


Finally, you then have your iPhone plugged to Mac/PC and have the converted files imported into iTunes and have them synced to your iPhone. It is pretty easy to do. For more transfer steps, please turn to transfer/sync movies from iTunes to iPhone.

Though you should keep in mind that Netflix uses the silverlight based player for the online movie streaming subscription, that means the movies and tv episodes from Netflix have some sort of protection on them, if downloaded encryption Netflix movie, please choose Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate/Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac, it can remove DRM protection on your downloaded Netflix movies idiomatically once the conversion started.

Part 2. Watching Netflix on iPhone directly

An official app for all devices which operate iOS has been released by Netflix. This means that apart from iPod Touch and iPad, there is also a Netflix iPhone app. Therefore, in order to watch Netflix on iPhone, you simply install the app and enjoy tour best movie and TV shows directly from Netflix. To watch Netflix items, you have to be a subscriber of Netflix, if not, join it and get the service from Netflix. Just five steps you need do:

1. Connect iPhone to the Internet;

2. Open iPhone App Store and find the Netflix app;

3. Download the Netflix app and install it;

4. Launch the Netflix and log in it with your Netflix account. If you haven't subscribed the Netflix service, join Netflix.

5. Search your Netflix movies and rent it.

More about Netflix

How does the Netfli App work?

You can use the Netflix streaming software with any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix application. The software and also the functionality may vary by device and medium. The software may be embedded in a Netflix ready device or may be offered as an application to be downloaded onto devices like Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or Android smartphones.

With how many devices can I use Netflix at the same time?

The number of devices that can be used simultaneously to watch Netflix depends on your membership plan. You may have up to 4 screens you can watch on at the same time depending if you are using the Basic, Standard or Premium plan.

What happens when my free trial is over?

Unless you cancel your membership before the free trial month is over, you will become a paying member of Netflix. The method of payment you used to start your account will be charged to ensure you can continue enjoying streaming movies.

How do I pay for Netflix?

When you first decide to have a Netflix account, you get one free month to test the service. If you choose to remain a member of Netflix afterwards, you'll be billed once per month. The payment method that you used to start your Netflix account will be used so that you can directly go on with streaming movies. You can either pay via credit card or PayPal.

Please note

Movies and videos from Netflix.com are copyrighted. Any redistribution of them without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Pavtube Studio is not affiliated with Netflix, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Netflix. This guide is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Pavtube Studio products by any associated 3rd party.

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