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Play H.265 on macOS High Sierra

HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265), a new compression standard which can compress 4K video files to 40% of the size more than H.264 without losing quality, is now supported by the upcoming fourteenth macOS - macOS High Sierra and iOS 11. It also means that you can now store more 4K video on your Mac hard drive or iOS devices before running out of drive space or stream 4K video with the same file size while doubling the amount of data to decrease the needed bandwidth. The following article will mainly talk about:
- What devices with iOS 11 can capture HEVC format files?
Which Mac models support HEVC video playback?
- Will HEVC bring 4K content to iTunes store and Apple TV?
- Will third-party video editors support HEVC codec?
- Is macOS High Sierra supports HEVC very good now?

Which devices with iOS 11 can capture video in HEVC format?

Currently, to capture HEVC files, you'll need an iOS 11 device with an A10 Fusion chip or better: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, or 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2017. All Macs running High Sierra can encode and decode those files, so when you transfer them to your Mac, they'll stay in the same format until you decide to export them as something else.

Which Mac models support HEVC video playback?

Newer Macs, including the late 2015 27-inch 5K iMac, the 2017 21-inch iMac, and MacBooks and MacBook Pros from 2016 and 2017, will support hardware acceleration for coding and decoding HEVC video. The Kaby Lake chips in the 2017 laptops also support HEVC decoding. Hardware acceleration means faster encoding times in pro apps like Final Cut and Motion, and longer battery life when you're playing back HEVC video.

Older Macs running High Sierra will still be able to play back HEVC video, but the process is a little hardware intensive.

Will HEVC bring 4K content to iTunes store and Apple TV?

Right now, the iTunes Store and the Apple TV max out at 1080p content, but when Apple does make the jump to 4K, HEVC will reduce the bandwidth needed to move those files around.

Will third-party video editors support HEVC codec?

Since HEVC is not an open-source standard, so software makers woud have to license the patents to use the codec. H.264 worked the same way, but right now HEVC is more expensive. Of course, Apple tends to drive adoption, as it did with H.264.

Is macOS High Sierra supports HEVC very good now?

The High Sierra betas don't fully support HEVC just yet, so the picture is still coming together.

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