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How to Converter MKV to iPhone 4S Suitable format on Mac?

When talking about the digital life, many people would like to think of the Apple Inc. Actually, Apple and its products have changed our digital life for years. Recently, Apple Inc released a new version of smart phone series, on October 4, 2011 in US. To our surprises, this new product is called iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 which has been expected for nearly one year by those Apple fans.


Although the appearance of iPhone 4S was beyond our expectation, this new product also comes with its own powerful and extraordinary functions which are hoped have an amazing and better performance than the last version, iPhone 4. Equipped by iOS5, an 8 million pixel camera, and a built-in voice assistant system, iPhone 4S seems more humanized and more intelligent when compared with iPhone 4.


Obviously, the best feature of iPhone 4S is the addition of Siri virtual assistant tech. It is said that if iPhone can not change the world, Siri will make it. With it, you can give orders to your iPhone 4S and the relevant program will start to work under your orders in time. So you can free your fingers and control your iPhone 4S with voices.


Furthermore, iPhone 4S has a stronger GPU to express and display HD and complex videos or images. And some one will imagine it that MKV videos can be smoothly played in iPhone 4S. I think it is impossible at this moment because MKV is a HD video format that is usually used in Blu-ray videos. And it is known to us that iPhone series do not support play videos larger than 4GB of video size while videos in MKV format are usually beyond this size limitation. Even if you have import the MKV videos to iPhone 4S, it is in vain because the program would not identify them, let alone play MKV videos on iPhone 4S.


So, how can we play and enjoy Mac MKV videos on iPhone 4S? Perhaps converting MKV for iPhone 4S is the best solution to make MKV videos more compatible with iPhone products. And what should be prepared to convert MKV to iPhone 4S formats? You need a great Mac MKV to iPhone 4S converter to fulfill the task. Here I would like to introduce the steps to convert MKV videos to iPhone 4S available formats with Pavtube Video Converter for Mac.


First, download and install the Pavtube Video Converter for Mac and launch it soon after the installation is finished. To start the conversion, you need to click the add button and choose the MKV files you want to convert on Mac hard drive. Multiple additions are allowed to improve the convenience for importing MKV files.



And then, you should make the decision to choose the output format for iPhone 4S. Please click the format button and you will displayed by a format list for choosing output format. As iPhone 4S is similar to iPhone 4 in video parameters, you can freely find the iPhone 4 output formats and choose it with a click at the option. Properties have been set in the option, if you want to change settings by yourself, you can click the profile settings button to make it.




Finally, all you need to do is clicking the convert button at the right side of main interface. Then the conversion from MKV to iPhone 4S MP4 will start right now. If you are interested in iPhone 4S and want to learn more about it, you can click here: iPhone 5 Release Date in 2012: Top 10 New Features.

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