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Convert DVDs in batch and maintain perfect synchronization

Why so many guys copy their DVD collections to hard drive and other portable storage?

Tired of hunting for a movie in hundreds of DVDs or just make sure there’s a permanent digital copy? Maybe both. There are too many DVD Ripping apps to choose from, every man has his hobbyhorse. There’s one thing I’m sure of, that Pavtube Video DVD Converter Ultimate saves troubles and time for you. You load the disc, choose the main movie, select an output format, and start ripping DVD to hard drive, that’s all. The best of all, this Video DVD Converter Ultimate does batch conversion, which means you can load multiple DVD movies at a time, either from optical drive (disc) or hard drive (DVD folder and ISO image file). You don’t have to wait for a long time to replace a DVD in optical drive. Sounds nice? Let’s take a look at the easy work flow.


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Guide: Batch convert DVD to hard drive.

Step 1. Load DVDs to the Video DVD Converter Ultimate for batch conversion.

Note one thing before we starts: you must have more than an optical drive do get batch conversions done when the source movie is from disc. Here I use two DVD drive, an internal optical drive and an external BD/ DVD drive to hold the second DVD. Place the DVDs in the optical drives; run Video DVD Converter Ultimate software, and click “Load DVD” to import the first DVD. Then click the small down arrow beside, and select “DVD Folder” to load the second and third one. I have tried with four DVDs at a time and the software worked beautifully.



Step 2. Select the main movies for batch conversion.

Expand DVD folder, select the main movies only. The main movie is usually the chapter of longest duration. If you’d like to remain everything in the disc, skip this step.



Step 3. Decide which format to rip DVD to.

Click “Format” bar and select output format. There are dozens of formats for your choice. Usually I follow “Common Video” >> “DivX AVI – Audio Video Interleaved (Divx) (*.avi)”. This format is compatible with almost all the DVD players, and most portable media players. And the video quality is great. There’s only one thing to concern, DVDs are designed to fit for 4:3 TV screen, and there’s black bars when I watch the DVD movies on 16:9 wide screen. If you’re intending to play back the movies on HDTV, I suggest you cut out the black edges from DVD movie first.



Step 4. Rip DVD to hard drive in batch mode.

Now click “Convert” to start batch converting DVD to DivX AVI. From the ViewLog panel you can learn the conversion time. There’s a checkbox of “Shut down computer after conversion”. I usually check this box when have the DVD batch conversion software run overnight. You can try with five or more DVDs at a time and leave the batch conversion work to computer, as long as you have enough optical drives.


DVD Ripping: How to secure video and audio synchronization?

Although I have never had a synchronization problem with this Video DVD Converter Ultimate, a few of you may have encountered out of sync problem, so I'd make it as simple as in one sentence: select a powerful media player (here I recommend VLC Player) and pay attention to frame rate when ripping DVD to hard drive. Some DVD Rippers allows you to decide frame rate. In Video DVD Converter Ultimate, you can click on “Settings” and try with different frame rate, like 30fps, 29.97 fps, 25fps, 24fps, etc.



That should be all for batch rip DVD collection. But wait, there are some useful tips as bonus:
Tip 1. Wanna burn a DVD copy? Just load the DVD and click “Full Disc Copy” button (see it?), and the whole content on the DVD will be copied to

your hard drive. Generally you’ll have a Video_TS folder with a number of VOB, BUP, and IFO files. Drag the folder to Imgburn to make a copy of your DVD.


Tip 2. Cannot bear with quality loss? Just follow “Copy”>> “Directly Copy” when choosing output format, the software will copy each VOB files to you hard drive, without quality degradation at all. But note these are individual VOB files instead of a whole movie in one file.


Tip 3. DVD to MP3? Yeah! You can trim any length of the movie and save it as audio files such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A.

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