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How to play MKV files on iPhone 3G S?

With high definition video quality, MKV has become one of the most popular video formats online. Movie fans are strongly willing to download movies in this format as their private collection. But meanwhile, these people definitely have found that the MKV files they downloaded online, which cost much waiting time while downloading, can not be recognized by almost all portable devices. Have you ever been in this dilemma? Are you frustrating?


I still remembered how cheerful I was when I got iPhone 3G S soon after Apple first released it, and how depressed I was when I added MKV movies to it via iTunes on my Mac but it did not work. After that, I was thirsty for finding out a video converter for Mac to solve my problem. Fortunately, I found a freeware called Videora iPhone 3G S Converter on Google by chance. This software is available for both Mac and Windows, and can convert my MKV files to iPhone


3G S supported video formats basically, so that I can play the resulting movies that originate from my MKV files on iPhone 3G S successfully. By the way, once the conversion is completed, the video will be automatically added to iTunes. What I should do next is simply sync my iPhone 3G S with iTunes. So it is really dead easy to use.


Have a look at the following picture; it is the main interface of Videora iPhone 3G S Converter, which shows you what to do if you are a first time user. Just go along with it, you will finish converting MKV files with ease, because every after interface has very detailed instruction to guide you like this.


However, as we all know, freeware usually can only meet some basic requirements of video converting; therefore, with the pursuit of more excellent converting quality and much higher converting speed, I am still trying to search for a more satisfactory converter for my iPhone 3G S all the time, even it need payment.


After purchasing and trying several converters, finally I meet a nice video converter for Mac, which has a unique function that many other converters don't have--it gives a "time remaining" estimate when converting, and avoid guessing how long time it will take, so that I needn’t be extremely frustrating while waiting for the unknown converting time. And the fact has been proved that its estimated time is nearly the same with the actual time.


Compare to the above mentioned Videora iPhone 3G S Converter, this software has much better converted quality and much higher speed. Moreover, it also does not have the audio-video out of sync issues, which problem many other converters have. I confess that I have not used the editing feature yet, but, in keeping with the rest of its superior performance, I'm sure the editing feature is excellent.


All in all, these two video converters for Mac have helped me a lot to enjoy MKV movies on my iPhone 3G S. Thanks to this point, I write this article to show my gratitude to them, and also share them with people who have no idea with how to play MKV files on iPhone 3G S.

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