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  • What is real high definition video after the Blu-ray/HD-DVD War?


After the high definition video war between HD-DVD and Blue-ray, people may ask what the real high definition video is. In terms of technology, Blu-ray and HD-DVD both utilize Blue Laser and sophisticated video compression to achieve high definition video playback on the same size disc as a standard DVD. However, neither format is compatible with the other. Now, the Blu-ray/HD-DVD War is end now and only Blu-ray is left.

Although the Blu-ray has won the format war, its competitor HD-DVD will not disappear at once. After all, DVD is the most popular home entertainment format in history. There are still many HD-DVD player owners, HD-DVD players and disc to be sold and traded on the market. That is to say, the high definition video story still isn’t over. Blue-ray need to overcome its disadvantages, such as high price levels for players and discs, inconsistent disc playback capabilities, and its current three-tiered hardware specifications. So the uphill battle will last for some time until the Blue-ray player and disc prices down.

Certainly, at the same time, HD-DVD is real failed in the war because of the lack of strong movie studio and manufacturer support. Without enough content, you will feel hard to drawn consumers to you. Families with children want access to Disney movies, and HD-DVD didn't have it. That will be a problem.

In one word, we can still enjoy the benefit bring from the HD-DVD for some time until Blu-ray became the real successor of standard DVD. It is story need to wait and see :)
  • System Requirements

  • 1G Hz or above PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor.
  • Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger ,v10.5 Leopard and v10.6 Snow Leopard ) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc.
  • 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more.
  • 1024*768 or higher resolution display.