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How to burn a WMV to DVD?
One of the most popular video formats used with computers and found on the web is WMV. WMV stands for Windows Media Video and it was originally designed for streaming video by Microsoft. WMV obviously plays with all current Windows Media Players, as well with other media players such as VLC, Winamp and DivX.

The newest version of WMV is WMV9 and for the most part it has high quality compression. For instance, Microsoft claims that WMV9 has a compression rate 200% better than MPEG-4 and from 15% to 50% better than its last version WMV8. However, an independent report concluded that the compression rate was in fact worse than WMV8.

WMV files end with the extension WMV and are quite popular on the web. In many cases, you can find music videos, TV shows and even full length motion pictures in this format. Because the size of these files (actually, all video files) can range usually from a few megabytes to gigabytes, many computer users choose to save them on DVD recordable media. For the most part burning a WMV file onto a recordable DVD is quite easy and only requires a DVD optical drive with the ability to write and special software.

DVD Optical Drive

It should be noted that a DVD optical drive with write technology is required. There are several types of DVD media that are available and some optical drives only work with one type. For instance, different types of DVD recordable media available include DVD+R and DVD-R. There is also DVD-RAM. Most optical drives sold today can work with all three types; however some only work with one type of DVD media.

DVD Authoring Software

The good news is that most DVD authoring software can easily burn WMV files to a DVD for later viewing. Some products that can easily burn WMV onto a DVD include Nero 6 Vision Express software, Xilsoft Video Converter, Easy WMV burner and WinX DVD Author. While many of these DVD authoring products are freeware, some are shareware and others require an outright purchase.

Burning WMV to DVD

Because most DVD authoring products are similar, it is quite easy, no matter which product you use to copy a WMV file to DVD. Here are the usual steps required.

Launch Software

Usually, DVD authoring software also has the capability to burn files to a CD ROM as well, so you will need to first launch the software and choose to burn data or make a copy of a DVD.

Load Your Source File

In this case, your source file will be the WMV File. If the source file is already on a DVD or CD ROM, you should insert it into the drive, and once it is on your hard drive, you will only need to select it.

Select Destination and Format

Your next step is to select the destination of the WMV file. In this case it will be your DVD drive. Some products come with the ability to transform video files into other types such as WMV, VOB, etc. However, since we are keeping the file the same, there is no need to change the format.

Choose Speed and Quality of File

You can choose the speed and the quality of the WMV file that you would like to burn. Many optical drives can burn at up to 52X which is quite fast, others are much slower. However, if you have the time, choose a slower speed, such as 10X or 12X, this will usually ensure quality burning.

Burn the DVD

Once all your options have been selected, click the burn button. This should start the burn process. For most large files, expect a complete DVD to burn in a matter of less than 10 minutes. Once the burning is complete, you will be notified by the software.

Confirm That the Burning of the WMV onto DVD Was a Success

The best way to confirm that the WMV files to DVD was a success is to play the file using your Windows Media Player using the WMV files from the new DVD source. If everything plays good, then the burn was successful.