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How to Convert AVI to DVD?
Converting the AVI format to crystal clear DVD format is now a piece of cake. There are several free and commercial pieces of software available that makes the conversion of AVI to DVD format quick and easy. You can use video converting software such as ConvertXtoDVD to make your AVI files DVD compatible; the software is available for free, but the free version has a transparent company logo in the background. After buying the software, the watermark vanishes.

Conversion is Very Easy with the Help of Video Software

AVI to DVD conversion software is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. You can convert the AVI files to DVD format with a click of a button. The movies can then be played on any DVD compatible player. Select video software that is capable of converting many different video formats. For example, the above mentioned software can convert other formats such as Mpeg, Mpeg4, DV and VOB formats into a compliant DVD format and then burn the set of compliant files onto a DVD.

Codecs for Conversion

A lot of software companies use their own codecs to convert into other formats. However, the majority of the video converting software titles available don't need external codecs. AVI codecs are used by the software to convert from AVI to DVD format.

Different Formats

AVI to DVD converters can automatically select the most appropriate format for conversion. The software can work for PAL as well as NTSC video types and is also capable of creating different chapters automatically. The software even supports multiple audio formats. You can also convert existing video from handy cams and camcorders and convert that into DVD format. You can now merge up to 4 hours of AVI format into DVD format.

Conversion as Per Your Liking

The supported audio formats that you can use to convert AVI into DVDs are DTS, OGG, MP3 - amongst others. The software is able to handle sub-titles in the original AVI format as well. The picture output can be set to full screen, widescreen or automatic. The fast preview mode enables you to check if the file is loaded properly, and also to see if it is converting correctly. You can either store the converted DVD file on your hard disk or burn it to a DVD disc.

Other Settings

It normally takes less than an hour to convert the AVI format to DVD format for a 60 minute video. If you get software with a customizable interface, there are advanced options and settings for professionals who want the final output in a particular way - so try to purchase this. With this you can add a menu which includes titles and chapters on your final DVD, and there will also be the conversion speed versus quality feature.

Quality of Final Output

Normally the final quality will be acceptable if the original AVI file has been converted at high speed. Try to get video software that has multilingual support. Also ensure that the video conversion software runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. If you have the most recent operating system - Windows Vista - check that the video software is compliant with that operating system.