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Play Special Features on a DVD
Windows Media Player provides you with special features when you play a DVD that supports the special features. For example, you can set parental controls to prevent a child who uses your computer from playing a DVD that contains inappropriate content. Or you can change the camera angle or play special features on a DVD.

To turn on parental controls for DVDs

The first step in using parental controls is to secure your computer with appropriate Windows user accounts and passwords. Once you have done so, you can assign a parental rating in the Player. Not all DVDs support this feature.

To change parental control settings, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group.

1. Log on to your computer with an administrator account, and then assign passwords for all administrator accounts.

2. Create a Limited or Restricted user account for each individual for whom you want to apply parental control settings.

3. Start Windows Media Player, click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, click More Options, and then click the DVD tab.

4. Click Change Settings.

5. In Select a rating, select the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating that you want users with Limited accounts on your computer to be able to view. For example, select PG-13 if you want to prevent users with Limited accounts from viewing DVDs that are rated R or higher.

To change the camera angle of a DVD

1. Play a DVD.

2. Click the DVD button, point to Camera Angle, and then click the camera angle that you want to view. Note that not all DVDs support this feature.

To play special features on a DVD

1. Play a DVD.

2. Click the DVD button, and then click Root Menu.

3. Click the Now Playing tab, and then click the links to the special features, if applicable.

4. Click the DVD button, and then click Close Menu (resume).

This procedure may vary depending on how the DVD that you are playing was authored. For example, after you click the DVD button, you may need to click Title Menu instead of Root Menu.

Note that not all DVDs support this feature.
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