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Why DVD and DVD Ripper are popular?

DVD is short for Digital versatile disk and was initially intended to substitute for VHS tapes, since it is inconvenient to carry it about people. And it quickly came up as portable data storage device just as expected. As DVD is more and more popular, DVD ripper extends its market and plays more and more important role in our daily life.

DVD as Storage Device - Compact and Useful

Reducing the pitch from 1600 nanometers to 740 nanometers and reducing redundant information to minimum, DVD acquire more tracks and hence the capacity can go up from 700 MB to 4.5 GB. Also, In DVD, the information is stored in layers and on both sides of DVD, thus it takes smaller space and cost less.

Superior Data Storage

When it was developed, the only serious competition of DVD was from 3.5 inch floppies. The floppies had been in existence for quite a long time and had slowly been coming down in size from 10 inch to 5.5 inches and then to the standard 3.5 inches, while DVD boasting storage of a couple GBs.

High density

The capacity of floppies remained at a measly 1.44 MB, whereas the CD could store 700 MB and the DVD could store initially 4.5 GB and now you can have double sided double layer storing up to 17 GB. This had the advantage of storing 11000 times more data at just double the size of floppy.

Cost advantage

The cost of blank DVD is small, but the data storage capacity is huge and thus the cost per bit of data stored comes down considerably. With the costs coming down rapidly, the cost advantage of DVD becomes further obvious.


With DVD writers becoming just as cheap as the CD writers, the cost of carrying of data with you has reduced considerably. You can carry the data as cheaply and easily as the floppies themselves. You can achieve this without bothering about the costs. This makes transfer of data quick and easy.

High Portability for its Smart Size

The best advantage in using the DVD technology is the portability. You can easily carry a stack of DVDs instead of carrying those bulky tapes and the bulkier VHS player. The DVD player can be fitted below the passenger seat in your car or at any suitable place in your toy hauler and every one can enjoy the movies you always wanted to watch together even while traveling. If you wan to carry the videos in a much more convenient way and you don’t want bother to carry the DVD, you can choose a DVD Ripper, like Pavtube DVD Ripper, Moyea DVD Ripper etc and Rip the DVD to AVI and other video formats just for your iPod, your PC, Blackberry etc. The full length movie can be stored in a single DVD and the quality will not deteriorate at all as there is no contact between the disk reader and the disk.

Through away your floppies and CD right now and switch to DVD for movie storage and viewing, you will surely enjoy more convenience and advantages.

2009 - 02 -13