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DVD Rippers - How to Choose the Right One!

When it comes to choosing the right DVD Ripper, there are five things you should be concerned with. It has to be able to convert to the right formats, it has to properly handle time encoding, it has to meet your computer's requirements, and it should have an easy to use interface, and should be within your budget. In this article, I will discuss each of these aspects.

First, A DVD Ripper comes down to handling the right formats. There are so many different video formats out there it could make your head spin. However, there are only a few you need to be familiar with, when it comes to ripping information off of a DVD. Make sure whatever software you purchase has the capability of decoding a variety of different DVD formats.

Second, your DVD Ripper has to be of high-quality, if you want to make high-quality backups. By purchasing a cheap DVD Ripper, you run the risk of having poor time encoding. This means that the audio and video will be out of sync, if it's copied improperly. Often times, you're able to try a trial version of the DVD Ripper before purchasing it. I would recommend doing this, to make sure the DVD ripper software has high-quality time encoding.

Third, the software you use should be able to be easily handled by your computer. Make sure you have enough processor power, RAM, and hard drive space to install and use the software. Generally, the more of each of these three things you have, the better the chances are that you will successfully rip a DVD. Otherwise, you may run into errors with corrupted files, or the process might take a very long time or freeze up.

Fourth, the interfacing is important. Don't get something too complex, unless you are very savvy at computer software. Again, this is where the free trial comes in handy. Use a DVD ripper software that is easy to navigate through, and doesn't take reading encyclopedia instruction booklet to figure out how to use.

Fifth, and finally, when it comes to choosing the right DVD Ripper, purchase something that is within your budget. There are a lot of options on the market. Some are designed just to rip a DVD, while other software is very complex and comes with all other kinds of bills and whistles. Depending on the extent you'll be ripping DVDs, you should understand what your needs are, and spend accordingly.

2008 - 04 -30

From: http://ezinearticles.com/ By Steven P. Ross