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How to Choose DVD Burning Software?

Now most PCs has pre-installed DVD burning software, if it has a DVD write drive installed. Chances are that your pre-installed software doesn't have all the features that you need. Before upgrading your DVD burning software, or deciding to buy a new one, take time to read my thoughts on how to choose the a DVD burning software and where to get reference and authoritative advice. Before I start talking about burning software, I would like to remind that, if you want to copy videos on you PC off, and out it onto your DVD, for example, if you have downloaded files of AVI format, you need to convert AVI to MPEG with a video converter before burning. This is important, since DVD burning software can burn all videos to DVD format directly.

First, write down the features you need with DVD burning software. If you yourself have no clear idea of what features you need, you can Google DVD Burning Software and find one with trial version and download it. Install it and use it in person, later you will know what features you may need.

Second, read the reviews on CNET and PCworld, both of them are authorities in this field for decades. They will give unbiased advice based on their deep understanding and rich experience. Comparisons of features of burning software are always available, view the editor’s ratings and interpret them into advice on how to choose DVD burning software.

Third, analyze whether you use DVD Burners in a professional or amateur way. If you are a professional, forget about all the bells and whistles, and find one with as many necessary features as possible, because you buy it for work creation not for entertainment, you get to be practical. Software upgrades frequently as technology advances, you will always be left behind if you buy software just for the sake of pursuing some fashion or being admired by others.

Fourth, download burning software, if possible, you can download several ones at a time and compare their features all by yourself if you don’t trust the editors. And for the sake of not to offend developers, editors always compare features of different versions of one application. Actions speak louder than words, right? You try and you will know it. Most trial software downloads expire in 30 days, some even sooner. Thus you might as well schedule sufficient time to complete your assessment. If possible, use your downloaded software frequently for a month to get an idea of how easy the software is to use and whether it actually has the features you need most of the time.

Fifth, narrow down the list of your preference on DVD burning software to no more than three choices after you have tried several applications. Compare the features and cost, and take your need and budget into consideration. Select the software that is easiest to use, based on your experience and the cost does not exceed your budget.

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2009 - 03-05