Pavtube Affiliate Agreement
Pavtube Studio (herein "Pavtube") grants you (either an individual or a single entity) the rights to promote Pavtube products on your website, newsletter, blog and the possible site you administrate.

By joining Pavtube Affiliate Program, you agree with the following terms and conditions.

1. You can join the program without paying any fee. Once you have a free RegNow affiliate account, you can promote Pavtube products on your website.
2. You can generate coupons and offer discount, bonuses, bounceback to promote Pavtube products. The coupons will come out of your commission.
3. You can use your email resource to promote products by sending emails/newsletters to the addresses that are on opt-in lists.
4. You may use the promotional graphics and text description from Pavtube website. You may also create your own promotional graphics or text description to meet your needs. You shall contact Pavtube in case that you want to modify the promotional graphics with text changes.
5. You can purchase Pavtube products for yourself, if you want to use the products. You can earn affiliate commission with your own order.
6. You may not use "Pavtube", "Pavtube Studio", "Pavtube DVD Ripper", "Pavtube Video Converter" or the like to advertise or promote on any search engine/site.
7. You may not represent yourself as "Pavtube", "Pavtube Studio", "" or similar words, which will mislead consumers.
8. You may not provide misleading information about Pavtube products to consumers under the name of "Pavtube", "Pavtube Studio", "" or similar words.
9. You may not submit the custom version with affiliate links of Pavtube products to download sites that you do not enjoy administrator rights.
10. You may not redistribute Pavtube products in any way without the permission of Pavtube.

Pavtube reserves the right to reduce the affiliate commission rate for you and/or disable you from promoting Pavtube products as an affiliate, if you violate any of the terms and conditions in the agreement.