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  • Five must have apps for iPad

Now, Apple iPad is available in the market and users are exploring new apps available to the device which will let you watch streaming movies, manage passwords and more. However, it is just starting. Within a short time, users can have lot more to explore and download to increase the utility of the tablet PC. Further, user can also check the apps available for iPhone and iPod Touch on their iPad.

Here, the feature discusses about few iPad apps which is said to be the best called by various analysts. Several of them are available for free.

1. Password for increased security

For iPad, 1Password app can encrypt, store and organize passwords and other private information. Further, the app automatically log-in to the Web sites and other Internet services on your tablet PC. It is reported that the app will also help you to store credit card details, bank account information, ATM PINs and much more.

The app is already available for both the Mac and the iPhone. Now, the app is available for the iPad also. It's priced at $14.99 and is available for free for the existing users on iPhone.

2. Kindle e-book app
Since its debut, the iPad has been called as the alternative to Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. The tablet PC’s iBooks app and Apple’s own online bookstore were the center-pieces of the announcement.

The app offers users to buy and download soft copies of books from Amazon's Kindle store. Both apps, viz. the iBooks and the Kindle are available for free and come with large number of free books, courtesy of Project Gutenberg and other Internet sources.

3. Instapaper Pro
Instapaper is the application which allows you to bookmark interested articles or pages for later viewing. The app can hold upto 250 such article and user can call up the queue when get time to read. This app is very useful for iPhone, but will be even better on the iPad with its bigger screen and better graphics resolution. The app is available with a price tag of $4.99.

4. TweetDeck for iPad
If you are a regular user of Twitter, then the app is for you. It is reported that out of many Twitter clients available, TweetDeck for iPad is easy and most useful among other options. It is available for free and has multicolumn view, which can be customized according to the requirement.

5. Pages and Things
While Apple's Pages offers you the basic capabilities of word processor, where you can write and edit, format text, embed images and charts; Things manages all your to-do lists with start and due dates, and organizes those lists into projects, areas of responsibility, next actions and more. Pages, which is the part of iWork suite, is available for $9.99, whereas Things costs about $19.99 for iPad version. The two apps help the device to transform into a business laptop and task manager.

After the launch of Apple iPad, developers are now gearing up for new apps for the device which will be available for download from App Store. At present, user can check weather report; watch streaming movies via Netflix app, and many more.